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AllisOne. Health is the most natural thing in the world.
Secret Chemistry of Life
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Safe and effective for the whole family, including the pets!
Your true colours
'Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.'
~ Source unknown, mostly attributed to a Serbian proverb.

Tissue Salts

Lactose-free and sugar-free, AllisOne’s triple strength tissue salts in a 180s pack can last for up to 6 months as a maintenance program.

Free of all animal derivatives and suitable for everyone, our tissue salts fulfill the requirements of regular, low GI, low carb and dairy-free diets, vegans, vegetarians, diabetics and children.

Our Synergy combinations are very effective and popular too... a great way to begin with tissue salts if you haven't used them before; also ideal to use when traveling or at the office.

Available in 60s or 180s pack sizes.


Archangel Raguel
Contained within the upper and lower colour fractions of each Equilibrium formulation are pure-grade botanical oils and water extracts from biodynamically-grown plants, trees and herbs infused with the energies of crystals and gems, colour and light.
When the bottle is shaken, the two parts form a temporary emulsion absorbable through the skin. Available in 50ml glass bottles.

Free Delivery in South Africa
We're proud to offer free delivery options to destinations in South Africa when you spend R450 or more.

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'The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system.' ~ RC Peale

Health Products

AllisOne Products is a member of the HPA and subscribes to the highest international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice in accordance with the MCC requirements for complementary health products.

A S I A C T (UK)

Aura-Soma Academy

Alison Effting is an Aura-Soma Academy Teacher and offers ASIACT(UK) accredited training for those interested in Aura-Soma and Tissue Salts. Courses are offered both in South Africa and internationally.

Biochemic Institute

The Biochemic Institute of South Africa is affiliated to the Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia-Pacific) and offers the Biochemischer Bund Deutschland (BBD Germany) accredited training according to the teachings of Dr Schuessler.


' I’ve been wanting to contact you to mention how strong we both (Baby C and myself) are! She feeds extremely well and has long sleeps in-between, and when awake, she’s very observant. People comment on how relaxed and mature she seems – very unlike a newborn. I am feeling confident, emotionally balanced and extremely happy. No sense of overwhelm or fear, and I am sure my husband as well as the El Moyra spray do their magic. The Deep Magenta pomander comes everywhere with me and I feel almost addicted to it ;-) The tissue salts are definitely of great support and I’m convinced that Baby C’s mature digestive system as well as her calm nature are a result of taking them all throughout my pregnancy and now while breastfeeding. Kali Phos is next to my bed and I take a couple whenever I feel tired... '
~ M.S. - Noordhoek, Cape Town

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