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Tissue Salts and the Light Body

Who should attend

  • Individuals - to gain more understanding for your own use or in your family.
  • Practitioners and therapists - all modalities welcome whether allopathic, homoeopathic or complementary.
  • Astrologers, Aura-Soma colour and other energy practitioners.
  • Health store and pharmacy staff.

Your body is not simply a machine that wears out and needs parts replaced from time to time. It possesses a natural intelligence that moves towards self-maintenance if given the right tools with which to do it. This intensive course is designed to stimulate your insight into what your body is communicating, developing the bodymind connection, and how to address its needs.

  • The Biochemic System of Dr Schuessler
  • Relationship to Homoeopathic and Allopathic treatments
  • Facial Analysis: recognizing the signals of ageing and mineral imbalance
  • Physical signals of depletion: prediagnosed conditions
  • The human energy system and the bodymind
  • Ways of determining what the bodymind is asking for....
  • When we feel off-colour: Exploring the colour and astrophysiological correspondences
  • Harmonizing the bodymind with nature - the cyles of the Sun and Moon
  • This is an ASIACT(UK) accredited course.

Please note

  • We will be accommodated in the heart of the White Lion territory. Due to the dynamic nature of the environment and depending on the course progression, times and events may be changed and these should serve as a guideline to the activities of the day.
  • On occasion, a group on a morning drive witnesses an experience that is too good to leave and chooses to return late to the workshop venue, in which case the workshop will continue in their absence. A comprehensive workbook will be provided.
  • The nature of this journey with the White Lions is experiential and although you may bring your camera along to photograph events at the workshop or other animals on the land, the White Lions and the Golden Girls may not be photographed or recorded in any manner without the express written permission of Linda Tucker. The White Lions share their shamanic energy and this is distracted and disturbed by recording activities.