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Assessments and Readings

The word 'Astrology' is derived from the words 'astro' meaning star, and 'logos' meaning wisdom. It is an ancient wisdom system that arose from the marking of time, observing the seasons, the positions and movements of the sun, moon and the planets, the eclipses and tides. Astrologers were the 'wise men' referred to in ancient and biblical texts who understood and translated these complex cycles.

Rather than being a pseudoscience, a divination or a belief system, Astrology is a precise art that involves practical techniques that work - providing that the complex rules are followed and the information about time and place is accurate to begin with. Birth marks the start of a life cycle, and within that are many cycles that astrology describes, showing the ups and downs along the way. Despite the fact that no-one knows why this works, it is an incredible delight to see oneself reflected in a chart and described so precisesly. It is also a serious responsibility for the astrologer to understand the language to decode the story, and a privilege to share the client's journey in this way.

In the Beginning... the Birth Chart

A birth or natal chart is a blueprint for one's life, giving insight to one's personality, challenges and strengths, the positives and negatives that one encounters both within oneself and in the circumstances life serves up. Many people find a  natal chart reading to be one of the most accurate guides to their personal experiences including their health, relationships, career decisions, and the timing of events. It very often offers comfort to know that certain circumstances are literally 'written in the stars' and thus pretty much inescapable.

This is the chart to begin with, which forms the basis of all other personal chart readings.

Many Happy Returns - the Year Ahead

This is a dynamic annual chart reading, often around the birthday time, to assess the trends for the year ahead and how to deal with them. It helps to indicate the themes and goals for the year ahead, if there are likely to be periods of personal stress, when these are likely to end and move into the easier times when life offers new opportunities. It can also forewarn of important challenges and opportunities, and serve as a helpful guideline in decision-making.

Most clients find it helpful to expolore this chart every year or two.

Relationship Synastry

It's simply not true that certain sun signs are always incompatible with certain others; there are many other factors that are important in a relationship analysis that can override the sun sign connection. Conversely, couples with seemingly  compatible sun signs sometimes find things in the relationship are not  heading toward the 'happily-ever-after'. This consultation requires each partner in a relationship to have had an individual natal reading prior to the appointment, and then a combined appointment explores the areas of compatibility or conflict. It can offer guidance as to how to work within the best possible dynamics of the relationship, and whether the expectations of the partners will be met.

Both partners must be present for this appointment, or the written consent of the absent partner must be given.

The Wellbeing Chart

A specific analysis relating to external stressors that may be affecting your wellbeing. It can reveal areas of sensitivity or vulnerability and provide guidance as to how best address them with appropriate tissue salts, diet or other modalities to rebalance your constitution. If you have received a medical diagnosis, this chart can help to guide you in managing your health, or deciding on the best times to undergo certain treatments or procedures if you have these options.

Clients need to have had an initial birth chart reading prior to this.

Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time

Not sure about the best time to get married, start a venture, have an operation or anything else that is important to you? Astrology can help in narrowing down the dates to find the most suitable time. If you are an existing client and have had an initial natal chart consultation, you may email or phone such a request without having to come in for a specific appointment. It may take up to a week to receive an answer, unless you indicate that it is urgent. A fee is charged for this service.

Right Time charts can also be done on request if you have not had a consultation before.