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Published Articles

Health Journals and Magazines
as published in the South African Journal of Natural Medicine: Issue 128, February 2016

by Alison Effting
Dip.Bio.Med(D) T.ASIACT(UK) Dip.Diag.Rad(SA)

Nowadays most people have heard of, seen or tried tissue salts for themselves – unlike 20 years ago when I first encountered them and was shocked to find out they had been around for over 100 years. ‘Why didn’t my mother know about them?’ I pondered after using them for a few weeks.  ‘They should be in every household!'

as published by the Health Products Association of South Africa
HPASA HEADLINES Edition #18: June 2009

by Suzanne Ellis and edited by Monica Fairall

TISSUE salts were formulated way back in the 1870s by Dr W.H. Schuessler. Now, more than 120 years later, a Cape Town based natural health practitioner has taken them to a new level.

Radiographer Alison Effting became enamoured with Biochemic Tissue Salts when, in 1993, they were a healing catalyst for a personal health crisis that had not responded to conventional treatment. “It seemed too simple that supplementation with these fundamental mineral energies could make such a difference to my health,” Effting reflects. "Given that I was allopathically trained, this came as a huge revelation to me.”

as published in the South African Journal of Natural Medicine: Issue 16, SUMMER 2005

by Alison Effting
Dip.Bio.Med(D) T.ASIACT(UK) Dip.Diag.Rad(SA)

ASHES TO ASHES, dust to dust… we are all familiar with the words describing our composition, and they are literally true. The ashes are the 12 mineral salts that are essential to health and life itself – the tissue salts. Our bodies also contain other substances – minerals, proteins and fluids, but these depend upon the presence of sufficient tissue salts to function, and if any of the 12 tissue salts becomes severely depleted, our physical bodies lose the ability to sustain life.

as published in the South African Journal of Natural Medicine: Issue 12, 2003

by Alison Effting
Dip.Bio.Med(D) T.ASIACT(UK) Dip.Diag.Rad(SA)

Aura-Soma® is about colour and light – a complete system of colour that works on our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, helping to bring us closer to the understanding of who we are. We are hue-man beings, and at very many different levels, we respond to the resonance of colour. We experience moments of feeling blue, seeing red, shrinking like a violet, running away like a yellow-bellied coward, yearning for the grass that seems greener on the other side, or simply being in the pink.

as published in Fair Lady magazine, 30 October 1996
y Cathy Eden


Feeling bloated and grey?

Then it's time to bump up your biochemic tissue salts and give yourself a new lease on life.

To find out what you need is as easy as looking in the mirror:

Facial Analysis consultant Alison Effting read the telltale signs on CATHERINE EDEN'S face...

‘She can tell what’s wrong with you by looking at your wrinkles and things’, someone said. ‘I think we should check it out.’ ‘Right,’ said the editor, ’Her eyes flicked over the assembled wrinkle-free, dewy-skinned features writers and came to rest on me.