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MoonSign Calendar

Tissue Salts and Colours of the Day

The Moon Sign calendar is a dynamic guide to tissue salt supplementation - a great way to support energy and wellbeing. This refreshes your body with minerals in a harmonious natural cycle. Many gardeners have found that planting by the moon yields healthier plants, and a similar dynamic applies here. Many women in particular are aware of the monthly changes in their energy, tension and stress levels and one can optimize the cycle by harmonizing with nature.

Click on the events in the calendar to reveal the appropriate tissue salts and colours of the day.

Two of nature's cycles are involved – the annual cycle of the seasons of the Sun, and the monthly cycle of the Moon. The sun takes a year to complete a journey through all the latitudes, and gives us the four seasons of the year through the tropical zodiac.

The solar cycle begins at the March equinox, when the sun enters the Tropical sign of Aries. It crosses the equator heading northwards for three months. When it reaches the Tropic of Cancer at the June Solstice, it turns back and heads south towards the equator again, reaching that at the September equinox, now in the Tropical sign of Libra. Three months of southward journey later, the sun reaches the Tropic of Capricorn at the December solstice. Again it changes direction and heads toward the equator again for the next three months. This gives us the seasons of the sun - spring, summer, autumn and winter; the seasons are experienced opposite one another depending on which hemisphere you are situated in.

The moon makes the same journey north and south between the Tropics. but completes a journey through all the latitudes in 28-29 days, completing the sun’s annual journey of the seasons in the much shorter time of one month.

Using the Calendar

Simply use the tissue salt corresponding to the sign as the the signs change.

Use the Sun sign tissue salt each day for the month that the sun occupies the relevant tropical sign, and add the respective Moon sign salt,  following the changes every 2-3 days through the lunar cycle. So each area of the body receives a one-month intensive and a monthly top-up of 2-3 days.

You can check the daily moon salt on our calendar by clicking on the day – the relevant salts and supportive colours are listed. Once a month you will find a Sun sign change in the calendar, around the 20th - 23rd of each month, indicating the appropriate salt to use. This salt and colour guide the specials in the online store, so it is quite easy to check the special of the month on the home page.

To these you can freely add your own constitutional or other recommended salts; or the Bioplasma All-in-One combination. If you are already following a tissue salt routine, just add the salts indicated by the Sun and Moon signs if you are not already using them.


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