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Aura-Soma Archangel Raphael Aircon 100ml

Archangel Raphael Room Spray

Equilibrium AssociationB96 - Royal Blue/Royal Blue

ThemeClarity and the peace and freedom to be nurturing.

QualitiesMay help to

  • Bring a 'bath of peace', encouraging wellbeing and wholeness
  • Enable us to listen to our inner voice with clarity and non-judgement
  • Instil a trust around personal safety and freedom from self-concern that allows us to be unconditionally nurturing to others.
  • Clear so that creativity and expression come more easily
  • Invoke peaceful authority and transitions
  • Listen to our inner voice which arises from silence
  • Release fear and power issues as we come closer to living from the heart space

Creating Sacred Space

The Air Conditioners provide atmospheric support by protecting, strengthening and refreshing a living or workspace.

The Archangel Air Conditioners are composed of energised essential oils gently mixed with vegetable alcohol and contained within a 100ml violet glass bottle with a non-propellant pump spray. You might choose an Air Conditioner that is complementary to its corresponding Equilibrium bottle or base your choice on the colours, qualities or resonance that attract you. 

HOW TO USE: On first use, spray once into each corner and also into the centre of the room. After that, refresh by spraying into the area as often as required or desired. Give three quick sprays to the left, centre and right of a room or gathering area for inspired creativity and collaboration.

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