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Aura-Soma Equilibrium B94: Pale Blue|Pale Yellow - Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

An intense truth is revealed in relation to the evolution of consciousness.

AFFIRMATION: I feel the expansion of the heart as I open myself to acceptance. I feel a deep sense of connection with the earth and all she offers to me.

  • Surrender of the individual will to the Divine Will.
  • Michael stimulates the heart, not in an intrusive way, but for those who wish to open their hearts through getting in touch with the star within.
  • Michael facilitates, when the desire is present, to connect deeper with the unfoldment of the true purpose in the world.

Shakes-to: Pale Green

Keynote: An intense truth is revealed in the evolution of consciousness.

Tarot: Return Journey of the Tower (B16)

Set: Archangel Set

72 Angels: Vehuel

How to Use: Apply in a band around the body in the areas of the 3rd/solar plexus chakra, 4th/heart chakra and 5th/throat chakra.

Extended Keynote

The first in the Archangel sequence, B94 brings the energy of Archangel Michael for stimulating discernment and truth in the heart through getting in touch with the star within. As our consciousness is raised, our little will (pale yellow) comes into alignment with the greater will (pale blue), so that a new authority of peace may be expressed in our hearts (the pale green "shake-to" colour) and a deeper unfoldment of our true purpose may come about.

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