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Aura-Soma Equilibrium B96: Royal Blue|Royal Blue - Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael

To bring the creative possibility of conception into form. Clarity in relation to the higher energetics of being.

AFFIRMATION: The intuition grows as I hear more clearly, see more clearly, taste more clearly. All that is hidden becomes clear.

  • Clarity, creativity brought into form, the higher mind functions.
  • The creative nurturing energy that comes through the trust in the intuitive, that is fed in from above.
  • An awakening to the lightness of being that, through clarity of perception, is able to see that which was previously unseen.

Shakes-to: Royal Blue

Keynote: Clarity of perception and the higher energies of being that we may bring the creative possibility into form.

Tarot: Return Journey of the Moon (B18)

Set: Archangel Set/New Aeon Chakra Set (6th/Third Eye/Brow Chakra, Ajna Centre)

How to Use: Apply to the brow/third eye chakra area and along the hairline.

Extended Keynote

The possibility for clarity at the sense doors. Can help to go beyond ordinary perception and access the higher-mind functions of intuition, inspiration and "second-sight" through the royal blue energy of the third-eye chakra. Royal blue in both fractions indicates that as we access these qualities through our subconscious, we may also express them consciously with trust in the nurturing creative energy from above.

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