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Aura-Soma Magenta Pomander 25ml

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Price: R665.00

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Love is the Answer

Keynote: As I offer this sacred substance to myself, for myself, I love myself and feel the love from above.

Fragrance: Info not yet available.

Essential Oils: Info not yet available.

Crystal Energies: Info not yet available.

Chakra: Eighth - The Soul Star.


  • Love is not only the answer, it's also the key to our healing.
  • If we don't love ourselves what chance do we have to care for each other?
  • Remembering who is important to love first and foremost.

HOW TO USE: Place 3 drops in the palm of the left hand, rub the hands together and pass them through the aura - front, back and sides - then inhale three times deeply from between the palms. Use as often as desired.

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