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Swarovski Strass PaKua Octagon Feng Shui Rainbow Crystal 50mm

Brand: Swarovski
Availability: In Stock

Price: R495.00

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Rainbow Crystal PaKua Octagon with Feng Shui Hook and Chain

Our Swarovski Strass Rainbow Crystals are 32% full lead crystals that are ideal for bringing in the light by hanging in a sunny window so that the sunlight can refract through them casting rainbows around the room. Your purchase includes a 43cm chain and a self-adhesive Tao symbol hook.

Rainbow Crystals can also look beautiful when worn as a pendant on an elegant satin ribbon around the neck.

Made in Austria - all crystals are optically pure. Swarovski Strass lead crystals larger than 18mm have the laser-etched logo identification mark close to the hole. This laser logo assures that you have purchased the highest quality of lead crystal that creates more rainbows than most of the more commonly found less expensive glass crystals.

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